Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Story Making Rings


I would like to share with all you my experience of learning how to make a ring.

First of all, let me tell you that this challenge was not easy, but it was so funny and exciting.

I love rings, especially sterling silver. I could buy rings all the time! When I look at handmade wire wrapped rings, I always tell myself, “WOW, they are so pretty, I will never be able to make one, they are so difficult”! But then I attended a Bead Show and noticed those ring with beads really look great, so that was when I started with the idea to make them.

My first regular ring was an adjustable ring with loops. Hmmm, easy right?!
The difficult thing was when I tried to make a wire wrapped ring.

Please look my pictures;

Horrible, right? LOL!

At the beginning, I was practicing with markets, hahaha! I really thought this was just waste of time, since my rings were weird and ugly. They were imperfect, then they were so big or too small.

I started looking  some pictures on Etsy from other designers and I was really motivated to make more rings, specially, because they were so pretty and I don’t have to buy rings anymore hihihihi, so I continued practicing...

Now look at my next picture;

What do you think? A little better right?. So, my enthusiasm grew and people started asking me for those rings. I have been telling them to wait until my rings look normal and pretty LOL!.

After watching some videos and taking some tutorials, everything looked more interesting and I started to love making rings.

My happyness for the rings was too much,  that I started dreaming with them hahahahahaha.

Later, I had to buy a ring was so cool!, and I made the following rings:

Now... Much better, right?

Finally, after 2-3 days of practice, I made these rings:

(This was a base ring to add any kind of beads)

WOW!, now I can say that I can make rings lol!

As you can see, it was funny. Now, I am feel happy because I can tell that I can make wire wrapped rings! and I really enjoy making them.
Also, you can see more styles on my etsy shop at

The best part for you:
Just because you read this blog and also I don't think I can sell these rings, I will be happy to give any of these rings to you for FREE...

You only have to follow the next steps or rules to see you are the one;

1- You have to follow me in this blog OR "Heart me" on my etsy shop. (You are welcome to leave a     
     comment in my blog if you want too)
2- After this please convo me to give you more info about the ring you would like to get, like the size.
3- Limite one per customer.

    FREE Shipping if you live in USA, but if you live outside of USA, sorry but I have to ask for $1.50
    fee if the shipping is to Canada or $2.50 fee if the shipping is to everywhere else.

Of course you are welcome to visit my shop, and if you want to buy any item, I will be happy to send this ring with no cost or extra cost since I am offering free shipping to USA and Canada, and $2.50 everywhere else, in other words, you don't have to pay double.

One more thing- "Sorry if my grammar was not correct. English is not my first language"

~*~*~*Thank you for visit my blog~*~*~*